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Get a true sense of how the fun-loving, adventerous, active, talkative Bengal breed really is. Our felines are very socialized BUT if you want a calm, quiet lap cat, the Bengal is not for you. Here's more BobsDen Bengal Videos!


Last video of Char & Rayen's kittens before they go to their new homes.



Rayen x Flash 2 boys (red & blue collars) and 2 girls (white & tan collars) born 11/20/21


Char x Skah born 11/9/21



Zoie x Skah (2 snow lynx rosetted girls) born 8/3/21



Archie, 1.5 year old male, going home to play with Nunzio


Zuri x Michael (from Queen City Bengals) born 5/12/2021



Rayen x Flash 1 boy and 2 girls! born 4/23/21 (brown rosetted)





Zoie x Skah One male Snow Lynx born Feb. 27, 2021


Rayen x Flash kittens born 10/22/20



See ALL the 2020 kittens playing in the floor!


Zuri x Mundoo kittens born 4/27/20




Zoie x Skah kittens born 4/10/20

"Baldr" being groomed by "Rose" & "Baldr" at 5 mos. old helping with the vacuuming...





Rayen x Flash 2 boys & 1 girl born 4/3/20




Kachina x Mundoo girl & boy born 2/20/2020

"Angel" Owned by the Alexe's




Rayen x Flash, born Oct. 2, 2019



Rayen's Four week old boys


Rayen's Four week old girls


Watch "Winston" owned by Danielle at 1.5 years old. 12/2020



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