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CAT & KITTEN OWNERS (2020-2021)


Video of the Char’s 10 week snows and Rayen’s 9 week browns… Last video of these two litters.

Char's 7 1/2 weeks and Rayen's 6 weeks old kittens on YouTuBE Video!


Rayen x Flash 2 boys and 2 girls born 11/20/21


"Jerry" tan collar girl owned by Patrick & Andrea L. (right photo at 11 mos.)



"Little Boy Blue" owned by Lynn G. & Christopher A., he's an active boy but likes nap time ohhh so much!



white collar girl "Mabel" owned by Charles F. helping build her cat tree, it's hard work!



red collar boy "BengBeng" owned by Kate and Kaida, he's learning to drive and being cute is hard work too!



Char x Skah four females born 11/9/21

(purple collar) girl owned by Emily & Stephen M. "Soleil" loving the beach.



pink collar girl owned by the Wells family


orange collar female owned by Eric B.



"Blue" lavander coller female owned by Patrick & Andrea L. (right photo at 11 mos.)




Archie, 1.5 year old male, going home to play with Nunzio (below) & Priscila/Kameron Archie video

A sweet natured boy who loves to play, covered in beautiful rosettes and has the most gorgeous green eyes!




Zoie x Skah (2 snow lynx rosetted girls) born 8/3/21, Pink collar ~ owned by JoAnn Z "Sheba" now 18 mos. old



Lavender collar ~ owned by Lisa D "BooBoo"


Zuri x Michael (from Queen City Bengals) born 5/12/2021


The snow mink girls, Tallula and Pearl are owned by BobsDen Bengals (left) & Queen City Bengals (right)


brown/rosetted boy owned by Brian & Kimberly "Judah"


brown/rosetted boy owned by Priscila/Kameron "Nunzio"



brown/rosetted girl owned by Mike R.



Rayen x Flash 1 boy and 2 girls! born 4/23/21 (brown rosetted), Owned by ~ Brandon B. "Sabor"



Owned by ~ Daniella & Jonathan D. "Luna" (1 Year - middle) (2 Year - right)



Owned by ~ Keiona G. "Raya"



Zoie x Skah One male Snow Lynx born Feb. 27, 2021 ~ Owned by Kelley B. "Best Friends" Benz and Stassi




Rayen x Flash kittens born 10/22/20, "Nikita" - Owned by Sherree ~ "Jake" - Owned by Lovila



"Miko" - Owned by Kelly H



Zuri x Mundoo kittens born 4/27/20, "Archie" > Owned by Priscila & Kameron "Leo" > Owned by Daniel S



"Mercury" > Owned by Tina Q ~ at right, 6 mos. old



"Angela" enjoying some gaming with owner Jacob A ~ left - 7 mos. old - middle/left 2 yrs old



Zoie x Skah kittens born 4/10/20, "Zhari" girl helping Tally B get moved in.



"Phoebe" girl owned by Carol B



"Baldr" being groomed by "Rose" Video ~ "Baldr" at 5 mos. old helping with the vacuuming...

3 BobsDen Bengals, Baldr, Cinnabunn and Rose owned by the Justus Family



"CiNN-A-Bun" TopSpot Cinnamon Bun DOB: 11/1/2011 (left)

SIRE: Ch Enchantedtails New Millennium & DAM: Cinnamon Twister of Topspot


"Rose" Enchantedtails Rose Of TopSpot DOB: 2/9/2010 (right)

SIRE: Ch Enchantedtails New Millennium & DAM: Enchantedtails Carmen Electra


Rayen x Flash 2 boys & 1 girl born 4/3/20, BobsDen boy "Frank" with best friend "Beans",

owned by Sarah M. pictured here at one year...


"Fable" owned by Clay & Carrie L


"Nala" girl owned by the Wertz Crew


Kachina x Mundoo one girl & boy born 2/20/2020, Owner Joanna A. with "Pepper", a little lovin' and let's share water at bedtime.



"Angel" Owned by the Alexe's see his video head shot at 9 months old


Living comfortably in Florida with Gisela R.



"Shima" BobsDen Shima "mother" (left)

SIRE: Gogees Flashdaze of TopSpot & DAM: Warpaint Rayen of Bobsden


"TeeTonka" Warpaint TeeTonka of BobsDen "spirit warrior" (right)

SIRE: Corsicana INXS of Warpaint/ID & DAM: MRK Zimbabwe Clouded Zuri



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