BobsDen Bengals

Rutherfordton, NC ~ EST. 2010








CAT & KITTEN OWNERS (2017-2019)


Zoie x Skah born 11/19/18 "Marcellus" AND Flash x Rose 5/16/16 "Sabor" ~ Owned by Benjamin & Sara

"Marcellus" (Snow Lynx) ~ "Sabor" (Brown/Black Rosetted)



Rayen x Flash, born Oct. 2, 2019, "Jaylah" 5/16 & "Jasper" 10/19 Owned by the Millers (left)

"Tigora" 10/19 Owned by the Skinners (right)



Pink Collar Girl Owned by the Hollifields



Zoie x Skah, born August 10, 2019 ~ Marble girl "Ivory" by Kim H - Rosetted boy "Yeti w/friend Nimby" by Sandi A





Rayan x Flash (born Feb. 11th, 2019) All rosetted - "Leopold" owned by Jingyi



"Bengi" (6/19) owned by Sierra now 1.5 years old (7/20)


Bengi (12/20) and at 2 years old (5/2021)



"Tsar" owned by Savannah & Ryan



Owned by Lisa D



Kachina x Teetonka born Jan. 6, 2019 3 rosetted (2 girls, 1 boy) 1 Snow Lynx marble girl

"Sybil" Owned by Krista



Girl one - 7 weeks - Owned by Mike & Valentina



Watch "Winston" owned by Danielle at 1.5 years old... Winston 12/2020




"Dottie" owned by Georgia of Queen City Bengals



Zoie x Skah (born Nov. 19, 2018) 1 Snow Lynx marble girl ~ 2 rosetted boys (8 wks old)

"Midge" Owned by Becks


Boy 2 - Owned by Jennifer & Taylor


Skah x Tiva (born May 5, 2018)  rosetted male, "Valentino" owned by Danielle & Family



Skah x Tiva (born May 5th "Iceberg") an Skah & Zoie (born May 18th "Glacier") owned by the Magids family



Skah x Tiva (born May 5th) rosette boy, owned by Kamran



Skah & Zoie (born May 18th)  rosetted boy, owned by Yaman and family



Flash x Cinnabunn Marble Female - Born February 10th ~ "Esme" owned by the Tauscher Family


Flash x Kachina - born April 5th, 2018 "Dexter" a Brown/Black Rosetted male owned by Rich D.



Skah x Zoie - Born: August 16th, 2017

"Marina" Female owned by Sherree and John S


Male owned by Sarah D'Agostino



"Colt" Male owned by Kaitlyn Lester


Skah x Tiva - Born: June 1st, 2017

"Farrah" Female owned by Chevy's owners, Kelly & James H


"Conway" Male owned by Georgia Welch of Queen City Bengals


"Sway" Female owned by Jamie and Miryana


Flash x Rose - Born: May 28, 2017 - Owned by Lynn M


Flash x Kachina - Born: February 14, 2017

Owned by Johnny H "Kovu Otkon" playing with his new Peruvian Inca Orchid friend ~ (right) pictured at 10 mos old



Owned by Maria & Kyle H "Piper"



Girl One, Owned by the Odoms ~ "Belle" top kitty Owned by Elaine & Ron H


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