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All Toms & Queens Currently and Proudly Dual Registered with T.I.C.A. and C.F.A.

Bengal Kittens


Seven Kittens Available This Year....

we are accepting $200 (non-refundable) deposits for pick 2018 kittens.

The only way to insure your pick baby and get the kitten you want!

Price range for pet only $900 - $1500, call for breeder information.


Flash x Cinnabunn Born February 10th ~ $600 available now

Marble female - beautiful head/back striped pattern, rosetted rump,

 loaded with gold glitter and one of the slickest pelts I've ever felt. She's got a great personality and going to be quite a large Bengal for a girl. She's very long and lanky. Perfect!


Flash x Kachina - born April 5th, ready July 12th ~ $1200 available now

Brown/Black Rosetted male, loves to sit in your lap and has a perfect heart shaped rosette



Skah x Tiva (born May 5th) - $1500 each 1 female - 2 males, ready Aug 11th - all rosetted


Skah & Zoie (born May 18th)  1 girl - 1 rosetted boy, $1500 each - ready Aug 24th


TICA registered Bengals

Proud Sponsor and Member

CFA registered Bengals


See some very happy forever homed kittens - more to come

Call (828) 287-4513 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST to chat or to inquire about Breeder Information

email Denise & Bob, located in Rutherfordton, North Carolina (NC) - No secrets, click to view Contract