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BobsDen Bengal Kittens For Sale


The only way to insure your pick baby and get the kitten you want is by

placing a $200 (non-refundable) deposit through PayPal to

Pet prices run about $1500 for brown rosetted and $1800 snow rosetted (less for marbles)

(pricing based on pelt and quality), call for breeder information.

Want a little insider information? Read some of BobsDenBengal Owner's testimonials


Rayen x Flash female rosetted kitten DOB 12/16/22 $1500 Available

See this little female, her brother (7 & 10 weeks old) and Char's snow lynx VIDEO


Cally x Moki kittens born 2/15/23 - 1 girl (pink) & 3 boys (green, blue, orange) all $1500

Kachina is babysitting these 4 week old kittens... check out their Debut Video + Zuri's litter of seven



Zuri x Moki kittens born 2/18/23 - Rosetted all $1500 - Marbles all $900

3 girls (tan/purple rosetted, yellow marble) ~ 4 boys (black/blue rosetted, red/lt blue marble)

red collar male marble reserved to Deb B.

pictured here with Zuri & Cally at 3 weeks old, check out the Debut Video of Cally + Zuri's litter



Char x Ivan (of Queencity Bengals) male born 3/16/23, reserved by Vincent E


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See some very happy 2022 forever homed Bengals, plus more... 2020-2021, 2017-2019, 2013-2016


You can also contact my good friend Georgia of Queen City Bengals for more available Bengals!


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