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This contract is between Denise Lovette, conducting business as BobsDen Bengals, hereinafter called Breeder, and




ADDRESS:    CITY:        STATE:      ZIP:




hereinafter called Buyer(s).       This agreement concerns the Bengal Kitten described below:


* Call Name:  _______________  *DOB: _______________  * Color:  _______________           

* Sire:  _____________________________       SBT________________________

* Dam:  _____________________________      SBT________________________

Sold as:  Breeder/Pet


Total Price: $______   Deposit amount/date: ___________________  Balance due/paid on: _________________ Terms of Sale: Payment in full prior to release of kitten and breeding stipulations described within this contract.


Breeder guarantees that the above-described cat is a purebred Bengal cat, with an accurate pedigree, and is registered with THE INTERNATIONAL CAT ASSOCIATION, INC. (TICA). Breeder further guarantees that, to the best of Breeder's knowledge, at the time of leaving the cattery, the cat has been immunized against feline viral diseases, tested negative for known active parasites, and of a stable, affectionate temperament. Breeder is not liable for the effects of errors and/or mishandling on the part of the Buyer.


Buyer promises and warrants that this cat will be an indoor animal, not allowed to roam freely outside. This animal will not be confined to a cage for extended periods of time. Under no circumstances will this cat ever be sold, leased, or given away to any pet shop, humane shelter, research facility or similar facility. If for any reason whatsoever this cat cannot be kept by the Buyer, Breeder shall be given the first opportunity to have this kitten returned at Buyer's expense. Should Breeder be unable to take said cat, then the cat may be offered for sale to another party with Breeder's knowledge and with the stipulations stated above understood and agreed to by any future owner. Buyer agrees that this cat will not be declawed. If, declawed, the cat may exhibit significant changes in temperament and behavior. Buyer further warrants that this cat will receive all necessary veterinary care and adequate food, water, and grooming, as well as human attention. If at any time the cat is found to be malnourished, abused, or neglected, Buyer will surrender said cat to Breeder unconditionally, with no refund of purchase price to be made


Buyer agrees to keep kitten/cat in a clean, protected and loving environment, with housing that prevents risk of unplanned breeding and/or fighting amongst other cats.


_____Pet kittens are sold with NO breeding rights and shall be spayed/neutered between 6 to12 months of age. Proof of spay/neuter from vet to be mailed or emailed to Breeder for release of TICA registration certificate. (Paid for by breeder)


Show kittens, evaluated as such by the breeder, are not guaranteed to obtain a championship due to the many variables involved with showing.  Buyer agrees to become/remain a member of T.I.C.A. and maintain their cattery name with T.I.C.A.


Breeding said show kitten/cat only when they are in good health and condition.  Buyer agrees to breed this cat to high quality cats only from top bloodlines, with the aim of improving the breed and further agrees to sell all offspring from the first litter as PET quality. All offspring from that breeding MUST be placed with spay/neuter contracts. Buyer is solely responsible for placement of all kittens born from this kitten/cat in good, responsible, loving homes.  Buyer MAY retain kittens from any of their own breedings as Breeders for themselves or as pets.


Buyer agrees NOT to breed show kitten/cat with any stud that is not T.I.C.A. registered prior to the mating.  Buyer agrees that the show kitten/cat will only be used in the Buyer's breeding program. There will be no co-ownership of the show kitten/cat nor shall there be a transfer of ownership while said show kitten/cat is still breeding. When said show kitten/cat has completed their breeding career they MUST be spayed and kept by Buyer as a loving pet or may be placed in a loving pet home AFTER notifying Breeder in writing and sending Breeder a copy of the spay/neuter certificate.


Breeder assumes responsibilities for a show queen or stud to produce viable kittens. If the kitten/cat is not breeding after 2 years of age, the Breeder may opt to replace the said kitten/cat at no charge, EXCLUDING Shipping and related expenses. This option is at the Breeder's discretion. The Breeder will notify the Buyer if said kitten/cat is to be returned to the Breeder or spay/neutered, either option, at Buyer's expense.


Breeder recommends and it is Buyer's responsibility to have this cat seen by a licensed veterinarian for a thorough examination within first week after cat is received. WE SUGGEST THAT THE CAT BE PLACED IN QUARANTINE DURING THIS TIME. (ie; bathroom or separate space away from other pets and not be allowed to hide, this does not promote healthy socialization with new family members) Health is guaranteed for a period of one week from the time the kitten leaves the breeder’s possession. Buyer must take the cat/kitten to the vet at Buyer’s expense within this time period for this guarantee to be valid. DON’T BE ALARMED IF YOUR KITTEN DOESN’T EAT, DRINK OR USE THE LITTERPAN. They just left planet Earth and are now living on planet Mars. It may take them a minute to relax and know they are safe.


Should this kitten die before the age of 2 yrs. as a result of a congenital defect not known at time of sale, said kitten will be replaced with kitten of same quality only if an appropriate necropsy is performed by a licensed veterinarian and a vet’s certificate is provided showing exact proof of the cause of death.


Under certain circumstances (to be evaluated by Breeder) a kitten can be returned after the guarantee period has expired with no refund. Cat must receive a clean bill of health from vet via: health certificate before being returned as to prevent any illness to BobsDen Cattery cats. It is the responsibility of Buyer, at the Buyer's expense, to provide any and all veterinary care to any kitten showing signs of illness or distress and failure to do so will render any guarantee null & void.


All veterinary bills are the responsibility of the Buyer. Under no circumstances is this cat to be destroyed prior to notification by the Buyer to the Breeder. The corona virus is very common in cattery situations as well as in multi-cat households, thus Breeder cannot guarantee against FIP. No cash refunds.


This kitten was vaccinated against Feline Rhinotracheitis, Calici, Panleukopenia, Chlamydia Psittaci Vaccine, Chlamydia - Modified Live Virus, using the vaccine, at approximately 8 and 12 weeks of age. Vaccines were given on _____.  NO Feline Leukemia Vaccine, Breeder believes risks associated with administering Feline Leukemia Vaccine to an indoor BENGAL cat, not exposed to an infected cat, are much greater than the risk of contracting the disease and adversely affecting their immune system; Breeder does not give the vaccination and states specifically that all health guarantees are voided if this vaccine is given to this cat. Check with your veterinarian on repeat or required vaccinations in your area, third FVRCP shot due at 16 weeks, ____. Last FVRCP booster shot due @ 1 year old. Give yearly worming of Panacur (oral) or Revolution (oil on their back) covers internal and external parasites. Worming Medication-Dates: Toltrazuril ____, Panacur _____, Pyrantel _____. Different states require different vaccinations at different times but be aware that over-vaccinations can cause health problems. Your cat doesn’t need to be overloaded with Heartworm medication either, it’s rare in cats and they don’t need the extra poison.


Special Comments: (1) Breeder has the right to contact Buyer's veterinarian and obtain any and all medical information pertaining to this kitten. Buyer is required to disclose name, address and phone number of Veterinarian upon request from Breeder. (2) Breeder is to be contacted promptly if any visible signs of abnormalities are seen. (3) All disputes regarding this contract are to be litigated in Rutherford County, North Carolina, based upon the laws effective in BobsDen's home jurisdiction. (4) Buyers are responsible for his/her/their own attorney fees and all other costs of such litigation.


Signatures below indicate full agreement of all terms and conditions set forth in this contract.