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Rutherfordton, NC ~ EST. 2010










BobsDen Bengals was established in 2010 but we have loved the Bengal cat since the 90's. See how our adult cats live.


We started rebuilding our cattery Feb. 2017 and added every weekend until completion Sept. 2018. We learned alot from the 1st cattery (end of page), what NOT to have in a cattery, so now you can see what's in store for our Bengal beauties!


Railroad ties moved by hand, 3 bundles. March 11th snow dusting, moved some dirt and put in wall anchors



April, we set pillars and hand shoveled 5 loads of gravel



June, it's building move-in moving day!!



The electrician came in and ran all the wires and installed exhaust fans, August, time for insulation and sheet rock



September, paint the ceiling, install the cat doors...Oh, and the flooring! Mid-September, the walls are going up, first the OSB then embossed fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) wall panels and plastic trim



End of September, electrician back to install light fixtures inside and out. It's January 2018 and finally warm enough inside the building to put up wall murals. February; cabinets and heater.



March finally done with inside cat cages. Now for the outside cat cages, lots of May rain slows us down.



June, one side down, July-August, kitties on the left, got started on the right...



Outside litter boxes and the rest of the bed stands installed, AND we threw in a walkway... The Bengals are really enjoying their outside beds, YEAH, it's September 2018 and we're done!!!!! Well almost, decided to replace mulch with concrete, we poured 25-28 (60 lb.) bags every weekend. Started in July and finished Sept. 2020! Now maybe were are done...



First BobsDen Bengal Cattery Built In 2010

BobsDen Bengal Cattery - Inside & Out  BobsDen Bengal Cattery - Inside & Out - Roomy, Bright and Sunny  BobsDen Bengal Cattery - Inside & Out - Roomy, Bright and Sunny

BobsDen Bengal House Cats and the Bengals We Will Never Forget



See TICA and CFA Breed Standards and how BobsDen Bengals proudly adheres and represents both associations.

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