Rutherfordton, NC ~ eST. 2010 ~ Loved Since the 90's

All Toms & Queens Currently and Proudly Dual Registered with T.I.C.A. and C.F.A.

TOMS "stud cats"

NO AVAILABLE adult male cats for sale at this time

see "Mundoo" our newest edition to the BobsDen Bengal family


Gogees Flashdaze of TopSpot

SIRE: Gogees Sundaze Child

DAM: Gogees Seize The Daze


BobsDen Moki (mo k eye) "deer"

SIRE: Gogees Flashdaze of TopSpot (at left)

DAM: "Warpaint Rayen of Bobsden



Warpaint Mundoo of BobsDen "great spirit"

SIRE: Benelex Flying Colours of Warpaint

DAM: MRK Zimbabwe Clouded Zuri


TopSpot Primoz of BobsDen "first"

SIRE: Gogees Flashdaze of TopSpot (above)

DAM: EnchantedTails Wilden Of TopSpot



BobsDen Skah "white"

SIRE: Ballarista Maduro Ice of Angelicbengals

DAM: SnowPrissy


Warpaint TeeTonka of BobsDen "spirit warrior"

SIRE: Corsicana INXS of Warpaint/ID

DAM: MRK Zimbabwe Clouded Zuri


TICA registered Bengals

Proud Sponsor and Member

CFA registered Bengals

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