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All Toms & Queens Currently and Proudly Dual Registered with T.I.C.A. and C.F.A.


Of BobsDen Bengal Cats and Kittens


$200 (non-refundable) deposits on summer litters.

Price ranges for these babies is $1500 - $1800 (pet price)


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Tallula x Moki kittens DOB 4/20/22 ALL GIRLS!, 5 rosetted; $1500 ea and 1 marble; $1100

Tallulla's kittens (8 weeks) w/Zoie's 10 week snows ~ Tallulla's 6 week kittens, who's the hungriest?


Tallulla's 5 week girls playing with snow boy (no collar) and purple collar snow girl.


Tallula's six (2 week old) kitten & 1st Zoie (4 week old snow lynx) video


"Maybell" (Orange Collar left) Owned by Anita T  ~  "Cleo" (Green Collar right) Owned by Lindsey & Preston H



"Aurrorra" (yellowgreen) Owned by Kevin G ~ "Tan & Purple Collar" Owned by Sheri & John K (the ride home)



Zoie x Skah kittens born 4/5/22, all rosetted - Zoie's 5 1/2 week old kittens really getting around now!

"Ruka" (orange) Owned by Debbie S ~ "Luna" (purple) Owned by Andrea & Charles B - Moonie (right) Owned by Peggy & Randy




Kachina x Moki born 2/21/22, brown rosetted & black marble girls

OK, I mean it! The last, last video of these girls... LAST Video, Kachina's girls 10 wks - Muna 12 wks old

Video #2, Kachina's girls 8 wks, Muna 9 wks ~ Video #1 Kachina's 6 wk old and 7 wk old Cally x Ivan girl "BobsDen Flying Muna"


* black marble "Maya" and PWD friend "Zelda" power napping, owned by Peggy & Randy



brown rosetted "Lucy" owned by Joe & Donna B



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TICA registered Bengals

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CFA registered Bengals


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